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Exeter 10k River Run, HOURGLASS, Ellesmere Long distance Triathlon & North Devon AONB Marathon and Half Marathon

Exeter 10k River Run

The Exeter City Community Trust held their annual fixture the 10k River Run on Friday evening.
The race is a run to support the Trust’s wider work in the community. They would therefore have been pleased to see the large number of runners on the start line. This being a non-chip race the start was a bit frustrating to begin with as the runners headed off along the Riverside towards Bridge Road. Here the course makes a turn to take in a loop around Matford Green Business Park before heading back up Bridge Road. After turning for home down Countess Weir Road the course  skirts the University Playing Fields before rejoining the Riverside Valley Park. After crossing the two short bridges at Haven Banks it’s ‘Heads up and Best effort to gain the Finishing Line at the Piazza Terracina.
Paul Evison was The Club’s only representative and was happy to finish in a watch time of 49.50.


The HOURGLASS is a last person standing, winner takes all, event. Like the bleep test but for distance runners. 

The concept: you run 2 mile laps of an ‘undulating’ course in and around the Royal Cornwall Events centre. Runners all start with 30 minutes on the clock and in this time they had to complete lap 1. Each consecutive lap reduced by 1 minute, so they had 29 minutes to complete the next lap and so on.

Jo Page entered with the intention to run a marathon but ended up running 32 miles, putting her on the podium as first female. She timed out at the finish of lap 16 /32 miles which means on the results she completed 15 laps. 

She scraped through lap 15 (a 16 minute lap) with 13 seconds to spare. Then the crowd got behind her to go for lap 16. She knew she would time out but she gave it a go. Lap 16 required 7.30 minute miles which was impossible for her on tired legs that had run 30 miles. 

Official distance – 30 miles / 15 laps
Distance covered but timed out – 32 miles / 16 laps. Over 3300ft of elevation
A well deserved win!

Ellesmere Long distance Triathlon

Eddie Kingdom completed the ultimate long distance triathlon at Ellesmere. The day started at 6.30AM with a 2.4mile swim in the Mere, then a 112 mile 4 loop (reasonably flat) course from Ellesmere through the surrounding towns and villages and was then concluded with a 6 lap, again reasonably flat run through the Mere grounds. He was very happy with his performance as he finished 35 mins ahead of his anticipated time, in 6th position. He was pleased that his heavy training schedule had paid off and is now looking forward to spending time with the family and joining club nights and local events. 

North Devon AONB Marathon and Half Marathon

The North Devon Marathon and Half Marathon takes a stunning route across the South West coast path and North Devon Coast natural landscape. This multi terrain race has a reputation for being as beautiful as it is tough. It’s the only race where you are treated to delicious cream tea at the finish line. Organised as a fund raiser for North Devon Hospice these races are often fully subscribed and some runners return Year after year. Two ORCs, Eddie Bragg and Steve Mahony, entered the half marathon with Eddie finishing in 2.07.53 and Steve finishing in 2.34.06. Angus Farrell chose the full marathon completing in 5.35.27.