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Run Exe 5k, The Smugglers Bail Out!, Cosdon Hill Race

Run Exe 5k(Rd4)

Four ORC’s gathered at Exwick on Tuesday 2nd July to run the flat two lap course around the Exwick Playing fields. As per usual the long section beside the water offered some resistance in the form of a mild to moderate headwind but the runners were able to meet the challenge with strong performances.

First of the four home was Chris Turner on his first outing at Exwick this year. Chris said he just struggled to maintain pace in the very last part of the race but nevertheless achieved a very quick time of 17.29. Andrew Vernon ran really well and produced his quickest run of the series so far crossing the line in 19.08 and taking M55 2nd. Claudine Benstead showed remarkable consistency. Her time of 20.13 means that her three runs here this year have been separated by only 5 seconds. She also took the top spot in the F60 category. Paul Evison, the current club M70 record holder had yet another brilliant run, achieving a time of 22.55 and came 2nd in the M70 category for this event.

The Smugglers Bail Out!

The three ORCs taking part in Purple Gecko’s “The Smugglers Bail Out” event based at the Jamaica Inn, Bodmin, continued the success from Tuesday.

Runners have two distances to choose from: a four-hour “Scoundrel” route or an eight-hour “Bootlegger.” The idea of the event is that runners escape the ‘government men’ (who set off an hour after the runners) by getting as far away from the Jamaica Inn (as the crow flies) as possible in the allotted time. Runners are not permitted to use any form of transport and must not trespass on private property. The event is in support of East Cornwall Search and Rescue Group.

Bootlegger Carole Loader came in 2nd female completing 28.5 official miles. Carole said:

“Yesterday I was a smuggler, happily having a cuppa at Jamaica Inn, when I heard that the King’s Men were on their way. Clearly that wouldn’t end on a happy note for me so I took off. I’d already plotted an escape route for a situation just as this but it wasn’t a walk in the park. I had an hour’s head start on them and was certain they would give up after 8 hours but they had a secret weapon…I’d been tagged earlier and now they knew exactly where I was. Could I make it to safety and stay one step ahead of them? Better run in as straight a line as I could and hope that other smugglers are easier to catch.

First up, boggy Bodmin Moor before picking up lanes across Cornwall and into Devon where I then continued into Dartmoor. Whilst I was followed by a couple of hunters, as luck would have it, some smugglers behind me changed direction and the hunters duly followed them. At 8pm I duly won my freedom.”

Scoundrels Jennifer and Benjamin Law also took part in the event with Jennifer securing 1st female home running 14.9 miles and Benjamin completing the same distance and the 3rd male home.

Cosdon Hill Race

Also darting across the moor were the Cosdon Hill Race runners. This traditional race has been taking place for many years. 50 runners took their own line from Belstone Village to the beacon on the top of Cosdon Hill then race back to Belstone to finish on the green. The distance is approximately 3.1 miles with a climb of around 300m over rough open terrain.

In keeping with the traditions and skills required by British fell racing, self-navigation is required by all runners (there are no course markers).

There was an excellent showing of ORCs at this event; the sun shone after a morning of showers and the course record was broken by 12 seconds!

Congratulations to all Okehampton runners taking part:

  • Luke Stannus – 29 mins 23 seconds (1st MU19)
  • Tom Poland – 32 mins 4 seconds
  • Joseph Lane – 33 mins 39 seconds
  • Aiden Spinney – 34 mins 30 seconds (1st MU17)
  • Stewart Taylor – 35 mins 21 seconds
  • Charlie Temperley – 36 mins 5 seconds
  • Bernard Stricker – 36 mins 28 seconds
  • Arthur Hicks – 38 mins 04 seconds
  • Rob Hicks – 38 mins 06 seconds
  • Claire Grubb – 39 mins 34 seconds
  • Claire Watkins – 40 mins 51 seconds (1st F50)
  • Matt Grint – 46 mins 09 seconds
  • Sarah Dean – 57 mins 33 seconds (1st F60)

There were some brilliant results from the ORC Juniors also:

Under 11s running the 2km race include:

  • Alistair Taylor – 9 minutes 42 seconds (1st place MU11)
  • Jacob Lane – 9 minutes 56 seconds (2nd place MU11)

Under 13s running the 3km race:

  • Laurence Hicks – 15 minutes 21 seconds