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Couch to……..5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon or even 50k Ultra Marathon?

Okehampton Running Club are embarking on an ambitious training plan that will get novice runners down any or all of these milestones.

The plan is 5 blocks of 9 weeks going through the various distance milestones. 

Each milestone will have its own 9 week plan all contributing towards the next goal if you chose to take it. 

You don’t need to do all the milestones and you don’t need to start at the beginning.

The plan was designed by our experienced England Athletics Endurance coach, Robert Richards. An avid Ultra Distance runner. He has completed 100Mile, 100km and 50km events. He will be ably supported by other coaches from the running club, some of whom have completed some or all the the distances too. We will also be joined along the way with inspirational club runners who have their own stories to tell about their achievement of running goals.

The plan is;

  • Low intensity
  • Focuses on running and walking 
  • Increases in mileage, slowly
  • Enjoy rest days 
  • Building strength and conditioning
  • Training is integrated with our club sessions
  • Self-training by yourself or in friendship groups
  • Group training at some weekends
  • All events are guided group runs – No racing involved!
  • None of the events are timed!

Every person who starts the event will, as far as is reasonably possible, be guaranteed to complete it. 

Each event beyond 10km will be a trail events. Some will be on Dartmoor, we can’t avoid this can we? 

We of course will take in Devon trails throughout as well as some road running.

Along the journey there will be;

  • Physical training
  • Technical training
  • Running form tips
  • Trail running techniques including uphill and downhill running 
  • Running with poles
  • Fuelling and hydration strategies 
  • Map reading and navigation skills

Whether you want to do Couch to 5km, part or the full 45 week commitment, everyone is welcome.


Provisional Training Schedule

Start Couch to 5k training

Tuesday 5th Sept 23

5Km event

Sunday 5th Nov 23

Start 5k to 10k training

Tuesday 7th Nov 23

10Km event

Sunday 7th Jan 24

Start 10k to Half M training

Tuesday 9th Jan 24

Half M event

Sunday 9th Mar 24

Start Marathon training

Tuesday 11th Mar 24

Marathon event

Sunday 12th May 24

Start Ultra training

Tuesday 14th May 24

50Km event

Sunday 14th July 24

The plan dates are all subject to change. If you are not able to make some of these dates above then the opportunity will be given for other dates providing they are within a reasonable time so not to get too far behind the plan.

There will be a requirement to have suitable trail running sports wear and equipment when the trail running session start. Guidance and advise will be given along the way.

Any questions or queries please contact our coach Robert Richards at

Robert Richards mantra is “Completing is Competing”.