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London Marathon Ballot

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions relating to the ORC London Marathon Ballot.

Can I get a London Marathon place through the club?

If you fulfil the ORC eligibility criteria and are lucky enough to be successful in the club draw, then yes! 

Okehampton Running Club (ORC) is affiliated with England Athletics and as a result benefits from being eligible to receive a Club Places(s) at the London Marathon each year.

What if the member who gets a club place gets injured and can’t run? 

Once the member has registered details with the London Marathon via the website and paid the place is theirs. If they get injured, then they can defer until the following year. 

If they are injured and decide to turn down the place prior to registering, then the draw will be re-run.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to get my name in the draw? 

To be eligible for the draw a member must:

What are the reasons for the eligibility criteria? 

The reasons for the Eligibility criteria are:

How many places does ORC get? 

The rules allocate places based on a club’s number of “registered, first claim members”.

Whilst subject to change the rules currently allocate places as follows:

Further information can be found on the London Marathon web site here:

I don’t fancy my chances. How else can I get a place?

You can run for charity.  Google “London Marathon charity places” and you’ll get a whole host of organisations keen for you to raise money for them and details of how to apply (and how much they’d like you to try and raise). 

Alternatively – run fast! You can qualify for a good for age place by running another official marathon within your stipulated Good for Age time. Pick a flat, fast one (not the Cornish or Eden!).  More details are on the London Marathon website.