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One Mile Time Trial, Exeter City 10K, Hameldown Hammer & Wokingham Half Marathon

One Mile Time Trial

Owing to the dearth of races due to the Covid Pandemic the ORC Achievement Awards have not featured since the 2019/20 season. This year they are back and it was decided to hold a One Mile Time Trial to give club members a chance to record their best time at this distance. The event was organised by Club Chair Sarah Marvin and husband Nick and perhaps they may have wondered what the uptake would be considering it would be run in the dark. So it was great to see a good number of runners of all ages gathered at the hub ready to make their way up through the Park and on to the Granite Way. Once there, after a brief reminder to be aware and considerate of others using the Pathway, the mile jog to the start point was used to loosen muscles and generally warm up. Because of numbers the runners divided into two groups with the faster runners naturally gathering at the front.

First home was a very talented Junior, whose name I am not at liberty to reveal, in the very quick time of 4mins 57. He was followed by club stalwart Andrew Vallance(5.22) third at the finish was another talented youngster Stan Wood(5.30). Andrew Vernon(5.35) was followed by Sophie Luxton whose excellent time of 5.52 was good enough to claim a Club Record. Hot on her heels was Jo Page(5.55) and Claudine Benstead also attaining a Club Record (6.00). Then in quick succession came Ian Ripper(6.21), Simon O’Neill(6.24) and Martin Trerise(6.26) with Paul Evison bringing up the rear of the first pack in 6.49 also a Club Record. Hardly had he regained  breath when Lou Walsh powered her way home at the head of the second pack in a very good time of 6.59 followed by Richard Jones(7.46). Then there was barely a whisker between Ruth Taylor(7.57) and Mel Priday(7.58). Kerry Morashti produced a good run of 8.44 followed by Michelle Luddington(9.20) and Pam Evison and Andrea Cowling both gaining the very good time of 10.27. They were accompanied by Sarah who started the runners off and ran as sweep to ensure all arrived safely at the finish.

The runners thank Nick for accurately recording the times whilst attempting to sort the runners faces in the glare of Head Torches, an accomplishment all on its own.

Exeter City 10K

Two ORC’s headed to Exeter for the Exeter City 10K on Sunday. The course is out along the river past the Double Locks to the swing bridge and back with a repeat loop to make up the distance. In bright, sunny conditions with a cold crosswind this flat course was an ideal race for checking progress on Marathon training. Robert Kelly had a terrific run coming in 4th with a PB of around a minute in 34.40 and picking up the MV40 club Record for 10K. Paul Carter followed shortly after in an excellent time of 39.57 meaning both were extremely happy with their times.

Hameldown Hammer

Three ORC’s travelled to Widecombe-in-the-Moor on a beautiful but very cold morning. The Hameldown Hammer is a tough challenging trail race designed to be a serious test of endurance. The Hammer has a total ascent of over 650M. It is 98% trail, over a series of well-defined, grassy ,rocky, sometimes muddy tracks and through forest glades. Most significantly, there is a double ascent of the Hameldown ridge.

Outer Edge Events advertise this Half Marathon as follows:

The Hameldown Hammer rises high and steep. It affords spectacular views of the Moor and Tors, with some of the best trail running Dartmoor has to offer.

Tom Poland negotiated this tough course in the speedy time of 1hr49.25 and Sarah Marvin and Katherine Hails had an enjoyable run, finishing together in 2.28.

Wokingham Half Marathon

Claudine Benstead travelled to Wokingham to take part in the Half Marathon a fixture which she was unable to run last year. Claudine ran very well and unsurprisingly was first in her age category. Another very quick time of 1:29:54 along with her last outing would suggest she is fully recovered from recent illness. We certainly hope so.